Monday, November 19, 2012

their she grows.

and as my belly grows.

eliza has been talking about delia at random a lot more lately.

it's always happened at random, but it was few and far between, brought up on her own accord.

now that's she is getting older, understanding (as well as a 3 year old can) and seeing my belly (and fawn!) grow it's happening often.


hand on my belly.

eliza - delia kissed my hand!

me - fawn.

eliza - fawn just kissed my hand!

so not correcting her that it's kicked, not kissed.


today when we walked in i told eliza "we get to see dr. reed today!" and she replied "we going to find delia?!"

oh eliza.

but then when we heard the hb she said "it's the new baby! that's fawn"


playing at home.

"delia is coming to my house to play?"

"no, she's in heaven remember?"

"but she coming to play?!"


walking into hobby lobby.

"you have your pack pack mama?"

"well, this is a purse. mama's carry purses...or diaper bags."

"a diaper bag?"

"yep, i carried one when you were little, and when fawn comes i probably will too!"

"but delia can wear my diapers? they fit her?"

"delia doesn't need diapers. she's in heaven remember?"


i know it has to be so confusing for her. she'll say that delia is in heaven, and i remind her that we already got to hold delia, but it's still hard.

hard for her...hard for me to answer on the spot.

one day the questions will stop. she'll just know. even when that happens i hope she still talks about her.

her baby sister.


Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

I love that your documenting the things she's said, as difficult as it may be, so that some day she can look back and see how often she mentioned her baby sister.

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