Friday, November 30, 2012

some november pics.

hate coming here and seeing that pic at the top of the page (which btw does not violate effbooks community standards) so i'll leave you with some ziza joy!

mama made thanksgiving shirt. that she has to tell everyone "see my leaves, and my tree and my one eye!"  (there is a leaf in the middle towards the right that looks like it has an eye on it)

 she loves to help daddy work.
but also loves helping me in the kitchen or with orders. here she was putting maggs food back. who btw better live forever because james took him with to work yesterday and eliza gave us the saddest face that maggs was leaving for the day. she is crazy about him!
 family game night. had to play the squirrel game, which she now calls "my chip and dale game!"
modeling another nana steph dress. this one has buttons on the bottom that she loves almost as much as pockets. she had to stand there and count them before she'd finish getting ready. then she insisted that nana steph made her leggings too. sorry girl, nana steph doesn't make EVERYTHING!


BJoy said...

Seriously. The girl couldn't get any cuter. I really miss our days in Korea together.
But I love the adventure we all are on currently.
It truly is bittersweet.
Keep all these pictures and stories coming! I'm glad to see the blog posts more often!

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