Thursday, November 29, 2012

let them be little!

so, it doesn't take long to find a pic of a chick in her underwear on fb.

guessing one like this won't get removed if reported.

i mean, honestly, it's the same as that video. taken from behind, no boobs showing.

oh, but wait, she's not 3!

so for some reason, that's ok.

and may i just say i love my husband. he posted this status the other day without my knowing...

"I have been asked by many people why I never post to facebook (I believe this might be my third). Well, apparently it’s because I’ve been too busy as a manager of a child pornography star (my wife apparently serves as the camera and crew).
No, seriously… for those of you out there who do not know, Shel has been blocked from facebook for three days (background: first offense was 24 hours, now we a

re doing three days) for posting a video of our daughter doing the funniest thing I think I may have ever seen in my entire life. “Check out her blog ( if you want to see it. It’s a couple of posts down, and beware, as her “friends” have considered this child pornography!)
Even though there’s obviously a lot of other complaining I could do here, and I’m normally the kind to just stay out of it, there is one thing about this that I can’t let go. When did we become a society where we rely on a governing body to do everything? I’m going to try to leave our nation’s current political state out of this rant, but please feel free to apply this concept to it.
Short story… When we lived in Korea, we (Shel, Eliza, and me) were once riding a bus on Camp Casey. Some younger soldiers were using profanity in what I would have considered excess even at work, let alone on a bus full of women and small children. I politely confronted them about this issue. They responded by saying that they didn’t even realize what they were doing and quit doing it right away.
These were people I had never met before in my life. I didn’t report them to their chain-of-command. I didn’t go talk to the bus driver and have them thrown off. There was no need for that kind of response. However, a FRIEND, someone my wife cares enough about to share an extremely happy moment in our lives with (as the video privacy settings were very limited), decided to use an authority to address their issues. And everyone wonders why I would ever consider running away to the mountains and get away from it all. Come on people!"
your comments on here, and that status have been awesome. thanks for confirming that i'm not the freak here! 

i just want to live in a world where kids can be kids.


Danielle Lewis said...

Maybe I will report that! I don't need to see half naked women! I do however want to see more adorable videos! Keep posting I LOVE seeing everything you post!

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