Wednesday, October 10, 2012

in her eyes.

i love watching her learn, explore and grow.

after sunday school this week we got to hear her retell the story of joshua and the battle of jericho.

her and enola took turns explaining what happened in between yelling through their paper trumpets.

it's always an amazing feeling seeing your child learn about Him.

last night was one of my favorite moments though.

when she was baptized her Godmother (aunt adrienne) gave her the Jesus storybook bible and a grown up leather bible with her name on the cover.

she loves her "bible books" and insists on bringing the grown up one to our small group bible study, even though she just goes upstairs with the other kids to play.

the storybook one has been part of our nightly routine off and on since she was baptized 3 years ago.

lately it's been a requirement after another story and before her prayers.

we've read through it almost 4 times, but last night, something awesome happened.

she goes through phases where she wants to "read" it to us.

i give her a chance and she usually flips through the pages saying "God...and" and so on.

she obviously has all the important parts down.

there have been a few times that she will say "we read together." and after i say a sentence she repeats it. it's a slow read that way, takes awhile, but i figure at least she's listening...hopefully it is sinking in.

last night it did...and it was all over her face.

we got to the crucifixion. i always wonder if she "gets" it or realizes what's happening.

she was repeating bits and pieces of each sentence...

"crown and robe."

"whipped him."

"come to rescue them."

"our King."

"cross on His back."

then i turned the page and she saw this picture. the same picture she had seen many times before, but this time she really saw it, and you could see it on her face.

she stopped repeating.

i kept reading at a slower pace.

her eyes raced around and got that sad look.

then her lip came out ever so slightly.

mine probably did too, seeing her, see him.

it was a proud mama moment, but also a bittersweet one.

it's just the beginning. learning about our sinful world.

she'll struggle, she will be sad, her lip may come out, but i pray that she keeps looking at the cross and turning to the one that hung there.

for her.


jackie said...

Amen!! The more you read, discuss, and learn with her, the more she will continue to get it!! I am continually amazed at what my children know and the questions they ask. I am truly humbled and am overwhelmingly filled with thankfulness that they are so receptive.

Last Easter, I was watching a YouTube clip of the Passion movie's crucifixion scene. My older girls were watching it with me and were absolutely speechless and in awe. Loved the discussions that followed.

Hosh said...

Oh you just made me cry. "Learning of our sinful world" :(. Thank goodness we have and example of Love

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