Tuesday, December 13, 2011

from where i'm standing...

i see...

  • the same cocoa butter lotion brand i've used since high school.
  • lotion that the nurses used on delia that i later bought so i could sniff her smell.
  • bracelets for delia from some very special people.
  • a pin for anencephaly awareness.
  • a diaper that has stayed dry 3 nights in a row.
  • soap that i used after my last tattoo, delia's tattoo.
  • a reflection of a me that has been through too much.
  • a reflection of a me i don't recognize.
  • the shirt i wore to delia's funeral. the only shirt of mine she touched.
  • a phone that i waited a long time for and had to cover with a ridiculous case because i'm known to drop things.
  • medicine that nursed eliza back to health the last time she was sick.
i hear...
  • complete silence. it's tuesday. aunt whitney took eliza home when she picked up her girls. so i had a day to myself!
i feel...
  • refreshed for getting some me time.
  • like this apartment was too empty without eliza.
  • that i had too much time to think about things.
  • anxious.
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from where i'm standing...


momv <>< + said...

from where you are standing you look beautiful to me:) i love you
mom <>< +

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