Saturday, September 17, 2011

kite theme 2nd birthday.

i'm going to backdate this, but the truth is, it took me almost 6 months to get this posted. :) hey, i have a two year and half year old to chase!

in these few years that eliza doesn't have an opinion on themes i'm taking full advantage.

i thought this year kites would be fun!

i made postcard invites to set the stage and to save on postage!

i sewed the kites on one pieces of cardstock.

for the back i printed off the info. then i stitched the two together.

i started planning in august and one thing that kept me busy while anticipating delia's birth was this kite tail garland.

i got a jelly roll. trimmed the strips down and then tied, tied, tied.

i did a little each night while watching tv. tied them around hemp and let them be just loose enough that they could slide around for adjustments.

i hung it up at home the night before so she would have a fun surprise when she woke up. it was a nice backdrop for some birthday photos!

then we used it to decorate with at the actual party.

i also got the idea for the balloon strand from young house love. i sewed through the end of the balloon though. i thought it would be easier than tying. i should have waited and done this when we got there because they were a bit of a jumbled mess from being in the trunk.

most of the table decorations i got from target. we also had two galvanized buckets for pop and water and lemonade in a glass dispenser.

one other crafty touch i did was a mini bunting cake topper. the bakery at kroger was surprised i just wanted a plain white cake, but i had a vision. :)

i used leftover paper from her invites to tie it all together.

one other thing that jump started the kite theme was handkites i saw on etsy. i thought they would be fun favors and eliza still plays with hers! i had to make a few adjustments to the final product. i dropped them in miniature paper bags with candy and they were a fun gift for her little guests.

the craftiness didn't stop at the party. my mom taught us to send out thank you cards and i want to make sure i pass that onto eliza. last year i gave her a few sheets of cardstock and crayons. she colored then i cute them up into tiny cards.

this year i thought we'd do some postcards. she is much more into coloring so they turned out real fun!

i grabbed a sheet from her easel that she already colored. used some spray glue and mounted cardstock cut and stamped into postcards. (i found the postcard stamp at hobby lobby!)

then i trimmed, removed stickers, and scrawled a quick note!

it was a great birthday! even with how crazy/sad and trying our life was at that moment (and still is) i wanted it to be special. there were a lot more things i would have liked to of done, we wanted it at our house, but the place we found was nice. there was a shelter outside, it was a beautiful day for september, and a big open grassy area that we used for opening presents.

it was a small party, just family, but it was perfect for her!


Katy M. said...

"just family"??? Shel you have an amazing family and that's a perfect way to spend a birthday! She should learn the best place to celebrate is with family! Love you so much! You did an awesome job!

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