Wednesday, September 7, 2011

her song.

wanted to share this video my aunt made for delia. we wanted to include "her song" in the service, and this was a nice way to share it.

1 john 4:18 says "there is no fear in love."

we were definitely scared when we got the news, but once we made the decision to carry on, it was mostly filled with love. sure we had our fears about the future, but we (and everyone else) showed her as much love as we could. there was no other way.

she will always be our little girl.

delia jean. from michele rockhill on Vimeo.

password is newbean
song thanks to jack johnson.

i also created a new header and it has one of my favorite pics of delia. wanted to give you a heads up if you use google reader or some other feed.

i am so overwhelmed with the love that has been shown for our sweet delia. it's amazing to think of the impact she had in her short life. thank you for sharing stories, emails, comments, notes...we are blessed by you all.

hopefully soon i will be able to share her birth story and some more pics. she had the best cheeks. so kissable.

one day at a time.


sarah said...

Shel, it is beautiful how genuine and open you are. It's something I have admired in you forna long time! Praying you are surrounded with love.

Erin said...

I love the header. Your family is so very beautiful.

momv said...

praying God is holding you close and thankful you are feeling surrounded by his love and peace...shown to you by so many people that love you:)i love the pictures you have shared, God is working in so many amazing ways through your story of delia's life... i miss her
nana <>< +

Vanessa said...

Absolutely beautiful video. Love.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! I have been so touched by your story, your faith, your love for Delia, and your choice to keep her. I've learned so much about the love of a family and HIS love of HIS family through reading and learning of your story. You have all impacted my life and I continue to pray for you and think of you often. She was here for a little while but her life was a blessing even to us who never met her! Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

What an extraordinary gift you have shared with all of us. Thank You! We must appreciate every moment of every day with our loved ones. We love you.
Kathi and Ed Elser

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