Friday, December 31, 2010


it's the new year here in korea!

(she was very mad that i accidentally woke her up. i needed my kiss though! james is working!)

hope you have a great one!

(46 minutes later, sleeping soundly. she fell right back asleep after i woke her up...don't worry!)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

sweet Christmas.

from our side of the world!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

pink bunny wins.

last night eliza we had a new experience. we were up all night with a sick baby. she was running the highest fever of her young life. i was worried because i haven't really had much experience with fevers.

she was miserable. so sad and pathetic. it really broke my heart seeing her that way.

i went in to her room at midnight and she was doing her open close fist thing (meaning "i want that) at the ground below her crib. pink bunny had fallen overboard. i tossed him back in and left with a kiss.

at 2 in the morning she was up screaming again. daddy's turn. he went in and i could hear over the monitor "you are burning up!" he brought her to our room and we snuggled and soothed all night long. mixed that with a couple doses of medicine, a strip down and a few rounds with the thermometer. it made for a long night.

at one point we moved to the (new!) couch and got her some milk to chug. she rested her head on daddy's chest and pulled that pink bunny up to her face. it was the sweetest thing. she carries him (and her blanket) all around. she chew/sucks on them. she drags him around by his already mama mended ears.

i know she was mostly comforted by us, but it was precious to see her hold him tight.

he will be real in no time!

thank you ralf for her pink bunny and the second and third string ones. they happen to be way more pink than the original. :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

so much to say!

eliza has been rather talkative lately. i know it's only going to better/worse.

currently she says ma-ma, or mom-mom, da-da, hiyo (hello), liza and noooooo (in a sing song voice) i'm sure there are others, but those are the ones we catch a lot.

today though, it was my favorite. she was rambling on and on, then she started laughing while she was talking and looked at me like "isn't that funny ma?!"

i swear she told me a joke.

she is awesome. a funny kid from day one.

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