Sunday, November 28, 2010

always catching up.

i know it's been awhile...

i've been keeping busy with paper lullaby. (link on the right!)

(slowly) chasing a toddler.

meeting new friends.

playing dr. mario with james.

decorating our apartment and james' bike for Christmas.

staying safe in korea. don't worry about us!

watching her learn something new every day.

loving life.

Friday, November 5, 2010

the one about "the boys."

one of my favorite bloggers, adventures in babywearing, has 3 boys and a girl. i love reading her entries and seeing pics of her kids. to see their interaction and the stories they make.

always makes me smile and think about "the boys."

first there is this one...

the oldest, joshUA. in my baby book it says one of my first words was "josh?" this one, he wrote a letter to santa before i could write asking him to bring me a doll. he was there the night my world fell apart freshman year of college. thank God he was there! he was also there that november 2008. he taught me everything i should have learned my first semester of algebra in the few hours before my final. he's a math whiz. he once taught me how to drive stick. it didn't stick. he creates his own card games. they are super involved and i am so impressed. he and i were always the single siblings. it was nice to have a buddy! he's a world traveler. he is a missionary. he is one of the greatest musicians i know. i love him.

then there is this one...

my middle brother, luke. he kept the peace between us. he was a senior when i was a freshman in high school and he still hung out with me! he took me to the movies. he'd let me tag along on dates with his long time girlfriend (now wife) he'd buy me a rose when i would help him pick up flowers for her. he usually keept me included. he let me escape to their place in california when i needed a break from life. he gives amazing hugs, and can always crack my back. i love the way he prays. so much i let him do it at our wedding! he (and tammy!) made me an aunt, and a Godmother. he is such a great father! kids love him. he is hilarious, even when he burps. he is fun. i love him.

and finally...

the youngest of my older brothers, david. he and i strongly disliked each other growing up. (just being honest) it wasn't until he moved away that i realized what i missed. we grew closer in college. mostly because of his now wife/my best friend. he witnessed my first tattoo. he was there the summer i stretched. the summer my faith grew stronger than ever. he gave me the chance to meet kasey kahne. he let me escape to their house, and even had a room they let me call mine. (i picked the paint color and everything!) he is a hard worker with a servant heart. he is a great listener. he understands. he also gives great hugs! he became a father 7 weeks before i became a mother. we're in it together! i love him.

all three married the perfect girl. one was like an older sister, one became my best friend, and one was already my best friend. most days i call i want to talk to the girls. they like to give me a hard time. sometimes i just need them.

two are already dads. that was crazy to see. awesome, but crazy. i thought it was so cool, but what is better than seeing them as dads? seeing them as uncles. nothing, nothing compares to that.

that caught me by surprise.

i love watching them with her! i hate that she is missing out on them.

i am missing out on them.

and because they are her honorary uncles...that's a whole other story...

uncle erik at our going away party.

uncle aaron and an itty bitty eliza.

those are "the boys." pretty great don't you think? we are lucky.

she also has an uncle ed and uncle dustin. they just aren't part of the original "boys." :) but we do love them! remind me to share edo's card to eliza sometime.

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