Saturday, October 24, 2009

her father's daughter.

aunt nancy had some of james' baby pictures and i couldn't wait to see them again to compare with mine and eliza's. i picked them up on our surprise trip to indiana (more on that later...hopefully) and i couldn't believe what i saw.

ma claimed from the beginning that she felt like she was holding her baby again. a lot of other people have told me they think she looks like me.

seeing his picture, i'm not so sure. i feel like i'm looking at her.

what do you think?

ma also said that she sees more of james in her now. i just looked at her newborn pictures and she has changed a lot, so maybe that's it.


me...a chunk at 8lbs 7oz.

james...itty bitty. he came really early.

one thing is for sure...she was bound to have lots of dark hair!


momv said...

you sure did have ALOT of hair:) i think she is a great mix of both of you...nana <>< +

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