Thursday, July 23, 2009

another niece!

congrats to dav and whit on the birth of their little girl last night!

enola lynn.
5 pounds 14 ounces.
20 inches.
10:36 pm.

another thumbsucker. what a cutie! i so wish we could be there. i had to wait a few months to meet levi too. not fun!

it'll be easy to remember the time she was born. emma was born at 11:36 and i was born at 1:36. maybe bean will come at 12:36.

i told bean last night "now you better really be a girl!" whit and i have 'american girl' tea party wishes. :)


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Aunt Shel and Uncle James... she's SO BEAUTIFUL


Dyan said...

She is adorable....Congrats to the new Mommy and Daddy!!! Can't wait to have it be bean...

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