Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a long while.

9 years ago, while sitting on the boat dock, overlooking lake muncie at camp lutherhaven, james asked me to be official. later we went on our first (and my first ever) date.

it was at exactly 5:05 pm. right before dinner that he asked.

how do i know the time exactly? i wrote all about it in my journal.

then ended with "we better stay together a long while." :)

our first picture together...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

nursery progress.

added some pictures to the nursery page on the bean link.

we are getting closer! baby stuff is starting to pop up around the house.

sad day for james? when i had to relocate the bar cabinet to make some room for baby stuff. :)

33 weeks tomorrow!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

another niece!

congrats to dav and whit on the birth of their little girl last night!

enola lynn.
5 pounds 14 ounces.
20 inches.
10:36 pm.

another thumbsucker. what a cutie! i so wish we could be there. i had to wait a few months to meet levi too. not fun!

it'll be easy to remember the time she was born. emma was born at 11:36 and i was born at 1:36. maybe bean will come at 12:36.

i told bean last night "now you better really be a girl!" whit and i have 'american girl' tea party wishes. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009


we've been so busy! james had two weeks of leave and we headed up to indiana for the first week. then his mom and step-dad came down here for the second week.

i'm working on getting pictures uploaded to flickr. we did a lot in those two weeks.

  • drove home to indiana. maggs and jude in the back.
  • stayed two nights with dave and whit.
  • introduced james to the brick.
  • hung out with ingrid, matt, craig, dawn, dav and whit.
  • saw public enemies and heard my great grandpa's name called out in it. (he was one of the guards on duty)
  • visited camp. some some lovelies.
  • james helped set up and shoot off fireworks at lake freeman.
  • roomies reunited.
  • hebron's 4th of july parade.
  • jamie and ryan's wedding.
  • joint baby shower with whitney.
  • bump pictures taken by catie.
  • visits to west point and frankfort.
  • accumulated a lot of hand-me-downs. for bean and us.
  • floated in the pool.
  • corn hole.
  • nieces and nephews.
  • trip to chicago.
  • millenium park.
  • james and bean's first white sox game.
  • 3 home runs by konerko. 1 a grand slam!
  • indy visit with texas friends.
  • half price books.
  • drive to georgia.
  • bean appointment.
  • winery visit.
  • fishing with my pink pole.
  • getting settled.
  • longing for our normal.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


months ago.

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