Thursday, January 22, 2009


sorry i haven't been inspired to write. i'll give a little update on life so far this year.

we've hung out with brayden, and adam and erica, a couple times. these pictures were from the hospital the day after he was born. he's tiny, and perfect.

i know i recently posted about how i am afraid of birds. so why would james get me one? well i fell in love with one when we were home at Christmas. i have wanted to get over my fear for some time now. they are just so darn cute, and i am seriously crazy about anything with birds on it. he's very friendly, and i'm not afraid to hang out with him. although this morning, i was home by myself. i hesitated slightly when pulling the blanket off his cage, just fearing he had a change of heart about me and he was going to be mean...he wasn't.

they say males will repeat simple words. i would really love to get him to say "hey jude." or maybe even sing the "na na na" part. that's simple enough right? for now every time he whistles i whistle back. james said "you know he's supposed to repeat you right? you're not the bird!"

he also sneezes. which is pretty much the cutest thing, but hopefully it's not a sign of sickness. i read dry sneezes are okay, and i am keeping watch on his nose for discharge. hoping it's just him getting adjusted to a new environment.

maggs is very curious, and looks confused everytime jude whistles.

that picture of james, as i took it i said..."do you always look that dumb while drinking?"

tuesday night we met ben, celina and aidan (ben is our old friend/current pastor) at chestatee high school for two of our youth's basketball games. we got to hang out with brad and pam jovaag. (brandon and john aaron's parents, they are the youth i was talking about) that family is so sweet, and very welcoming. we enjoy seeing them every sunday.

aidan got to try and make a basket during halftime, with help from brad. couldn't quite make it, but he looked like he had fun!

i have been to the doctor quite a few times so far this pregnancy. everything looks good. they recently upped my dosage of thyroid medicine. my tsh level was a little too high. we go in on tuesday for our first ultrasound. i'll be just shy of 7 weeks.

james is gone for the night. it's been awhile since he has been gone overnight. thankfully i have maggs, jude, and mama mia (no way james wanted to see that!) to keep me company.

lunch tomorrow with some ladies from church. i'm really looking forward to that!

hope you all are doing well!

happy day!


Anonymous said...

That's funny...James dad did not want to see MAMA MIA either!


krista/ralf said...

still not happy you bypassed the green for white.

nancy said...

ok... i thought you were not a bird-liker...but then i thought it must have been jamie-sue. maybe both of you weren't.
didn't you have a bird that ended up at susie's (kavorkian acres)...???
anyway, glad to see you are overcoming the fears!

laura katherine said...

we've had cockatiels before! they're really fun birds! my dad has two now . . .

Jessica said...

I have friends that are bird people - they have 5 (including 2 cockatiels). If you have bird questions, I would be happy to pass them on.

Ed said...

Did James reply "only when I drink with a bird on my head"?

Erin said...

I'm thinking of you and this little baby bean lots! It sounds like things are going well, and I hope the ultrasound is just great. At 7 weeks, you should be able to see a heartbeat.

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