Wednesday, January 7, 2009

michigan and new years.

we went up to michigan to visit james' best friend dave. their friend josh rode with us. it's a tradition for the guys to get together after Christmas. been doing it every year but the two james was deployed. they usually drive up to stay with dave's family. dave used to live in lafayette, grew up right next door to james, and lived with them his senior year when his family moved to michigan. he joined them not long after graduating. i cannot say enough good things about dave. he is the greatest friend to have!

so i got to go along for the ride this year. and it was fun. they even let me go visit bronner's and some shops in frankenmuth. granted i had to go with to the brewery and deal with many late nights of them drinking and playing cards or dice.

we rung in the new year at a casino with dave's mom. she knew some people who were playing in a band there. we were all very excited, until we walked in the door and realized it was a room filled with slots. i had fun, but the boys were less than thrilled. they spent the evening at the bar, drinking and playing video poker.

i was in heaven and even found the same slot that i played forever in vegas. the boys kept giving me dollars to go and spend. probably just to keep me away, but i was happy!

it was so nice to be together for new years, and not spend it over the phone like the last two. here are some of the pictures from the trip.


momv said...

i love frankenmuth, we need to go there all together:)

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