Wednesday, January 28, 2009


my dear friend catie posted a few pictures on her blog of james and i. well actually it's just one picture so far, but she played around on photoshop and did some fun things.

this one is my favorite.

i love the wash on it.. it reminds me of some of my parents wedding pictures.

thanks aunt nancy for the pictures!


momv said...
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momv said...

i messed up the last comment... i loved my cake topper, i still have it... the glasses not so much! and dad said what is all that shit hanging all over it! sounds like something he would say!

momv said...

i also like the pic of you guys... neat coloring..........i love all your wedding pics, you are a beautiful couple if i have to say so myself:)just repeating something i heard over and over that day!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your mom and Dad had beautiful Hair back then!
At least your mom still has hers! :)


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