Sunday, January 18, 2009

happy birthday adrienne!

for the first time in a long time (ever since we've known each other?) i haven't been with her on or around her birthday.

hoping she has a great one...wherever she may be!

for those who don't know my dear friend adrienne, and another friend luke are traveling west africa on a youth encounter team. spreading God's love and message through music. pray for them, and also spurt and gilligan (sarah and jon) who are currently in hong kong (thanks ua!) doing the same thing.

we miss you guys!

james and i celebrated by going to church, lunch, bowling and a movie. a very happy day!


christamac said...

haha just wanted to say i saw some pictures online of sarah-spurt's 23rd asian birthday celebration. they seem to be doing well...jon is far too tall to be in asia! haha! but it works!

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