Monday, January 26, 2009

food junkie.

since i just got done dropping off lunch to james and another guy on staff duty. i figured i would share some of my favorite recipes.

i made these to bring over to them. i wanted to keep them all to myself because they are the best mashed potatoes i've had. i vary the recipe a little bit. no half and half. warm milk with butter melted in it instead. they are so good!

i also went on a search for a good flour tortilla. besides the people it was one of my favorite parts of texas. thankfully i came across someone else in my position, and i found this recipe. it takes me back!

last night james grilled up some steaks, and i was on the hunt for a good salad. i had a bunch of lettuce i needed to use up, along with a roma tomato. we don't have an olive garden around, and i love their salad, so i looked online for their recipe. i found this and it was very close! i just needed a few more vegetables to add next time. i also got to use my blender for the first time! it was exciting.

many of my favorite recipes are in the better homes cookbook. the chili, guacamole, and sloppy joes are some of the best.

i also have a very good recipe for salisbury steak from a comfort foods cookbook. (thanks noles!) i have wanted homemade salisbury steak since high school when i had it at my friend's house. james wasn't a big fan. he said it was suspiciously like meatloaf.

finally, on saturday i wanted pizza. we didn't have any sauce, so i decided to make a white pizza. olive oil and a few spices mixed in. mozzarella and parmasan cheese, plus a few roma tomatoes. i did a homemade crust. it turned out well. good thing because james was slightly concerned when i told him what i was making knowing we had no sauce!

the tortillas and pizza crust are just so much better when you make them yourself! plus it's super cheap!

can you tell i've really gotten in to cooking? it's about time!


Lauren said...

Totally love homemade pizza! We probably do it once a week too with whole wheat or spelt flour! I am also a huge fan of the better homes and gardens cookbook. Andy loves the cheesecake recipe and brownie recipe I've used..One of his favorites is also the stroganoff. Cooking is so fun! Especially when you have someone to feed!

Kari said...

I'm so hungry now!!!!

dobovo said...

I just discovered homesick Texan a few days ago. It is a great blog. And I love making my own tortillas.

I am attempting, for the first time ever, to make bread right now. It is supposed to be just a regular light wheat sandwich bread, so it hasn't been too complicated so far... although it has been rising and proofing forever now. is where I found the recipe, and I get a lot of my recipes from there. Happy cooking!

Melaina25 said...

Someone passed this link on to me for lots of restaurant recipes:

krista/ralf said...

you didn't cook like this when we lived together... :)

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