Thursday, January 29, 2009

emma and evia.

mom was watching the kids today and i got the chance to talk to both emma and evia on the phone. it was quite funny. tammy sure has her hands full!

if you don't know, they are my nieces. older sisters to levi. emma is 5 and evia is 3. (evia was our flower girl and she's my God daughter)

1. emma was sad because georgia ate her puzzle pieces. she told me all about it and how copper never did that. he was a good dog and she liked him better, but she still likes georgia. she's just sad. we talked about it for awhile and then she let me go. evia got on a few seconds later and proudly said "i take care of my puzzles!" in her tiny 3 year old voice. "i ALWAYS take care of my puzzles."

2. it broke my heart, but i still had to laugh at how big of a stinker evia is when mom told me that she doesn't draw emma in pictures of their family. that's cold! poor em.

3. mom was talking to them and emma said "i'm never getting married. i'm not going to leave my mom and dad." evia said "well i am going to get married and have 5 babies!" emma replied "you do know babies come from your belly?" and evia said "no, they come from your privates!"

ahaha! i love those girls!


4kids4 said...

lolol oh my gosh...too funny .hmmm where do baby's come from?!

Mo said...

Bahaha! That is priceless. Too cute.

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