Friday, January 16, 2009

baby blog.

i enjoyed having a page for the baby last time. keep it updated for those who want to know, so i made another.

the link is on the right side.

we had the pregnancy confirmed yet again. all the info is in the doctor updates section.

oh, and a weird thing i realized. remember i am a dork about numbers.

we found out we were pregnant the first time on 16 sep. found out we lost the baby on 7 nov.
this time we found out on 7 jan. and we are due 16 sep. pretty neat!

another weird number thing i realized awhile ago is if you and cori and edo's birthdays together, you get their wedding anniversary. (2.3 + 9.7 = 11.10)

yes. i'm strange.


Dyan said...

Congratulations again on baby Rockhill. I'm also just like you with the numbers. Andy and I have the same letters in our names only switched around. Andy - Dyan and my dad and brothers names are Daniel and Donald. His dad and brothers names are Donald and Daniel. Weird huh?!? Love and miss you guys!!!

Laurie said...

I love the numbers. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

2.7 is our anniversary, too! yeah for baby rockhill!


Nicolasa said...

That is really neat about the numbers! I am really into number things like that and I think that is a great thing that they fall the way they do.

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