Friday, November 28, 2008

sickeningly sweet.

one of my most favorite parts of our wedding was the music. especially the song i walked down the aisle to.

music was important, and i wanted it all to be acoustic guitar, no organ. so i asked my brother joshUA if he'd like to play. he was on a youth encounter team at the time, and they make great music all together, so invited them all to come.

i requested 2 standard wedding songs, and 2 more modern songs. none of which they had played before.

i never heard them practice, and just trusted them. it turned out to be the most memorable part.

the girls walked in to canon in d.

then came me with the song i'm going to talk about in a bit.

instead of a unity candle we gave our moms bouquets of daisies while they played the byrd's song "turn, turn, turn"

and we walked out to "go My children, with My blessing"

it was perfect.

so about the song i walked to james to. it was one of my favorites a couple years ago. it's a mason jennings song and it was on this 4 song cd he only released online. i never heard of mason before ralf so i must thank her.

it's a beautiful song. james made a slideshow for me for our first Christmas back together. he used that song, and the words just fit us perfectly at that point. we had come a long way, and there was a bit of hesitation on my end. (so i like the last verse.) especially if you know our story, you'll see.

so one day as i was getting ready for work at the high school last year, that song came on. it hit me. that was it! i called UA and told him i knew what song i HAD to walk down the aisle to, and wondered if i found sheet music if he could play it.

dave added the piano part, and the song really came together. just how i imagined. the perfect song to walk to james to on our wedding day.

if you want to hear it i found this video on you tube. another person's love story set to this song. i love the part where they are dancing on the bed...

just listen to the guitar at the beginning. that's what got me!

(oh and i always sang it "get back HOME to you" but yahoo tells me it's "on to you" home fit better with us. :)

and here are the lyrics if you'd rather read, or read along...

mason jennings - to you

i'm going to say what i wanted to say.
since i first saw you on that rainy day.
when you caught me looking and i made you laugh.
honey, i know you, i've always had.

and if this world is just some random bet.
then they'd be no good reason why we would have met.
but if there's something bigger, if there's something planned.
honey, i want you to understand.

that every beat of my heart is true.
i've spend my life trying to get back on to you, oh.
to you, oh.

i'm gonna do what i wanted to do.
i'm gonna trust my heart and give it back to you.
every time i speak i want to say your name.
honey, i know you feel the same.

when we're talking and you look at me.
i feel the distant memory coming back to me.
like my own reflection on the quiet lake.
honey, i see you, there's no mistake.

and every word that i say is true.
i've spend my life trying to get back on to you, oh.
to you.

i'm going to be who i wanted to be.
i will become the man who you deserve from me.
no more hiding out under mountains of fear.
honey we're breaking out of here.

the open moment and the sky above.
nothing can hold us back from the things we've learned.
you need not save your strength, untie your safety rope.
you will not need it, all you need is hope.

and every dream that we have is true.
i've spend my life trying to get back on to you, oh.
to you oh, to you oh, to you oh.


krista/ralf said...

yeah mason. :)

Jessica said...

Not sickening at all.

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