Tuesday, November 25, 2008

not a whole lot...

going on around here.

we had a bonfire at ben and celina's on sunday. a little get together for the youth. we are trying to revive that group at good shepherd. ben asked if james and i would be interested in helping. of course!

our night was filled with pudgie pies, s'mores, laughs and good conversation. also a cold ride back home on the motorcycle. we had been itching for a ride and it was one of the warmer nights.

james' mom is on her way down for a few day visit. we can't wait to see her. it will be nice to have her here for thanksgiving.

we are going over to adam and erica's. adam's uncle is a chef and is cooking for everyone. both sides of their family will be here. sounds like it will be a good time. i can't wait for good food!

i'm off to finish cleaning and bake some pumpkin bread. have to use it before november is over because then it's officially winter, in my mind!

oh yea, i have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. follow up on the surgery, no big deal. i'm still healing, but it's getting better!

happy thanksgiving to all of you. not sure if we'll be on much. God's blessings wherever you are!



Jessica said...

Have a good one, Shel.

Dyan said...

Love you!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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