Sunday, November 16, 2008

much needed.

we had a happy weekend. it was much needed.

friday we went over to ben and celina's house. we had delicious barbecue ribs, many laughs, and got to play some euchre!

saturday our mailbox was filled with love. so many cards and things. one was a card from james' mom. she sent us some mad money, with strict instructions that it was to be used on a date.

all day i kept waiting for james to ask. at one time i thought he was about to, and all he did was belch. i thought "yep, he's mine."

finally he asked me, in a roundabout way. he knew i was waiting for him to ask me.

so we got a little dressed up. he even scrubbed his converse, and we were off. i know, he looks so thrilled in the pictures. :P i just finally felt like taking pictures again. plus i loved his outfit, and wanted to document it.

we went to dinner, played a game of pool, and went to the movies. it was so nice to get out, and just be together!

physically i think i pushed myself too much. i spent most of saturday before the date in bed. think we stayed out too late the night before. i have been crampy and sore, and relaxing.

also in the mailbox on saturday was a very thoughtful package from james' dad and stepmom. they sent a necklace with baby feet on it, that says "i have called you by name, you are mine" isaiah 43:1, and a little pocket token to remember our little one.

we are loved.

we cannot thank you all enough. i know i have tried, but seriously, we couldn't make it without the prayers, support, calls, cards, emails...

philippians 1:3.

also wanted to say congrats to my friend jessica and her husband sal. they just welcomed their first baby, joseph henry to the world! woohoo!


Erin said...

That necklace is beautiful! I'm so glad you had a good date night. You deserve it. Oh, and you also deserve a cookie for being the first to comment on my blog today! If I could send cookies through the internet, you'd get a whole box.

Dyan said...

I admire you Shel...your absolute unwavering's remarkable!! I just wanted to know that, and also that I love you! Take care sending more Indiana love your way!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Merv. Lots of love back at you.

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