Wednesday, November 5, 2008

maybe we should stay in georgia...

of the 5 counties (3 in indiana, 1 in texas, and 1 here in georgia) i have lived in for the last 4 years all but the one we are in now voted for barack.

the one we are in...was 75% mccain.

james on the other hand hasn't even been in the united states. we counted yesterday, and it was a little over a year out of the last four. of those 4 years, a lot of the time he wasn't around a tv, or computer, so he was a little lost on this election and decided not to vote.

speaking of not voting, my brother's friend shared this article with me, and i thought it was a pretty good read.

it was a different kind of vote for me this year. being an army wife, and knowing that this person would be the new commander in chief of the army. i felt like i was picking our guys boss, and not just our next president.

all i can say is i am proud of mccain, and who he is, what he did for our country, for serving.

and i pray barack leads us where we need to be. God put him in that position for a reason. also that our country can pull together. i hated all the political trash talking i saw. you have your views, i have mine.

let's just move forward.

(and i am up so early because james just left for pt, and i can never fall back asleep!)


Jessie said...

So many of the things you talk about with the military is so familiar - both as a person in the military and my former days as a military wife. I remember not being able to go back to sleep after he got up for PT. I decided not to vote for president in 2000 because I felt weird voting for my boss because no matter what - I was in the army and would stand by them and do what whatever was expected of me.

Jessica said...

Good for James. So many people vote with out having enough information. Like I said to someone else last night, I think it's very brave to make that decision.

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