Saturday, November 22, 2008

don't forget thanksgiving!

glad to see so many people agree about the cupcakes. i told james. :)

i have heard of people using funfetti for their wedding cake, and i think it's an awesome idea!

james and i designed our Christmas card last night. i had the idea, but couldn't make it work. he showed me how to use adobe illustrator and he really got into it! i printed them today with my gocco, and i am so in love! a few of the fonts didn't transfer when we moved them to the computer we print from, but i'm still happy. i'm sure they aren't done the best design wise, but oh well! we did them, and they are fun!

now i just have to work on writing them.

i hate doing anything Christmas before thanksgiving. "love actually" was on last night and really got me in the mood.

shhh. don't tell adrienne. she is the queen of listening to Christmas music before thanksgiving and it made me crazy! :)

adam came over for a bit today and i got to listen to him and james jam on their guitars. it was perfect! we are going over to their house for thanksgiving. james' mom will be here too. can't wait!

oh! and we found out that we have another ball to go to! i was just talking about how i wanted to wear my tutu skirt from a few Christmases back, and now i can! hoping tammy has a top that will work!

james is less than thrilled.


momv said...

i love the design you two did.... i think it's awesome that you two designed your first christmas card together:) you should go into business shel, i was very impressed:)love <>< +

james and michele said...

thanks ma! it felt good to finally be inspired and crafty again. don't think i can do the design, but i love the printing part of it! i remembered that i used the gocco on my card last year. can't believe it's been a year with it already! :tear: :)

Kari said...

I actually "had" to listen to Christmas music on Saturday when I held my Creative Memories Christmas Open House. I usually don't listen before Thanksgiving either...but I'm ready for it all!

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