Monday, November 3, 2008

ah kids!

yesterday was ben's first service, and later in the day his installation. we spent most of the day at church, and enjoyed a dinner afterward.

you should know, like most pastor's who are leaving, pastor bob told the congregation that he doesn't want to hear anyone say "that's not how pastor bob did it!" or something of the like.

well, during the children's sermon ben introduced himself and said "you can call me pastor ben." and taught the kids how to say his last name. which included a bunch of kids going "how-PT!" and spitting all over the place.

then he told the kids he wanted to know all of their names. they took turns and all 20 some shared. when they were done he said..."now, i won't remember all those right now. eventually i'll learn them all, but do you know someone who DOES know your name?"

at the exact same time one kid exclaims "Jesus!" and the kid next to him says...


haha. welcome ben!


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