Wednesday, September 10, 2008

living in paint land.

that's what we have been doing.

we got the living room, kitchen, and one of the spare bedrooms done.

my favorite quote from paintland came from james...

"is there a reason you like vomit colors?"

well, yes, but i won't get into it here.

maggs was interested in what we were doing yesterday, and happened to get a few paint spots on his back from getting to close to the wall.

after we were finished i decided to take a shower. i was sitting in there and heard the smoke alarms blaring. maggs absolutely hates high pitched noises. i have no idea why, but he flips out. he shakes uncontrollably, and tries to hide in places he doesn't fit.

well i was sitting there, and all of a sudden maggs starts pawing at the curtain. you should know that he also hates water. so i was wondering what the heck he was doing. i peeked out and he has his front paws up on the bath, he is sitting in our towel basket, shaking, crying, and trying as hard as he can to get in the shower with me!

i laughed, called him a freak, and told him if he really wanted in he was going to get a bath. he decided water was better that the alarms, and he jumped right in.

i don't think he was too happy once he was in there, but he got all the paint splotches washed off.

what a crazy dog! always keeps us laughing, or at least shaking our heads.


momv said...

oooooooeeeeeeeeeeooooooooo magglio!

ralf said...


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